Grow & learn together

> Youth development

> Active citizenship 

> Social involvement 

> Stimulation of diversity 

> Exploring new interests

Where we stand for

HIP’92 believes it is important to get young people acquinted with different backgrounds on a cultural, educational, social and financial level.

The aim is to learn from each other, develop new interests and, who knows, make friends for life.


> During Summer but open for other periods. 

> Between 5 and 10 days

> Theme related

> Youths between age 16 – 25.

> Cycle for a few years



HIP’92 is an organisation established in 1992 in the community of Hoogwoud. We are committed to organise or to participate in youth exchange projects across Europe. The goal is to bring young people into contact with other youths and cultures, to gain insights about global, cultural and social topics and developments. 

This is how we set up a new project


Determine a theme 

New developments will be discussed during brainstorm sessions. The focus is on current topics that involve European Youths or are interesting to learn more about. 



HIP’92 is always looking for new partners. We prefer a long-term partnership to create a cycle for a few years. Once you have visit The Netherlands, we will visit you! 


Apply at Erasmus+

We are grateful for the possibility to apply for financial support from Erasmus+ to make projects possible. The be eligible for this, we need to submit a good project with a clear goal and what we would like to achieve during an exchange. 



HIP’92 is always looking for new participants. Send us an e-mail and introduce yourself and let’s get in contact! 
You can also reach out to us if you’ve any questions. 



After a go from Erasmus+, we can start with the preparations for the project. We expect from our participants to participate during the preparations. It’s great to get te know the group, right! 



This is de part we all have been waiting for. As a group, we will learn a lot during the exchange and the team leaders will guide you during this exchange. 


Casey Smit


Rene Klaver


Larissa Vlaar


Kevin Stolp